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Project Update

August 30, 2019


We are now about 95% complete with construction of the Huntington Beach Energy Project (HBEP) and preparing for the next phase of the project, commissioning and start-up activities.

In the commissioning phase all critical systems and components of the new plant, from high-voltage electrical systems to pumps, fans and compressors will be tested and 'commissioned' to insure they meet their design specifications and can operate safely and effectively. Cold commissioning, which has been going on since January, ensures that all equipment is fitted, connected and operating correctly within the HBEP. Hot commissioning is the first start up and testing of the plant with fuel (natural gas). This will be the 'first fire' of the new plant, the first time that natural gas is combusted in the gas turbines and the first time steam is produced to clean and test the entire steam system in the plant. Hot commissioning of the HBEP will include, first fire of the gas turbines, Steam Blows, Steam Purity Run, and the Initial Steam Turbine Run before the final performance testing of the entire plant.

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To learn more about commissioning and start-up activities, click here for the More Info page, where you will find the HBEP Commissioning and Start-Up Activities Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Dalia Gomez
AES Community and Public Affairs Manager

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