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Project Updates

December 8, 2020

Dear neighbor,
I hope this message finds you well. We are proud of our community for pulling together through this year full of unprecedented challenges. Today, we look to the future and find hope for a healthier 2021. Our commitment to our communities remains steadfast to power your everyday lives and ensure continuity of public health and safety. 

This year AES Huntington Beach Energy Project (HBEP) achieved a significant milestone when our new plant achieved commercial operation, providing our communities cleaner, more efficient energy. Our next phase of work at the AES Huntington Beach site is to improve the aesthetics of the plant by installing site perimeter landscaping - which has been delayed due to the pandemic - and creating a mural across the south-east facing structures of the new power plant.

This summer, we reached out to you, our closest neighbors, in hopes of receiving valuable feedback with respect to the original architectural enhancement of the plant, also known as the wave wall, or as some may call it, the ball wall. With your help, we have developed a superior alternative to the wave wall that will improve the aesthetics of the AES HBEP and the community at large. Based on your feedback, we have selected the mural design of renowned artist Kim West. The Kim West mural, an elegant and timeless rendition of the very essence of Huntington Beach, will create an opportunity to transform the community, providing an alternative and iconic imagery as a key entry into the city. AES thanks all of you for your time and valuable comments in developing the new design for the power plant. Pending approval of the new design by the California Energy Commission, we hope to begin painting this amazing public art project in April 2021. For more information about the AES HBEP mural please visit the Project Alternative Design page.

In response to community feedback, AES also committed to supporting our neighborhood by financing up to $4.9 million of community improvement projects with the City of Huntington Beach. The south-east area of Huntington Beach will be prioritized for these community improvement projects and this funding will help our City during one of the most financially challenging years our community has faced.

Lastly, the Huntington Beach Generating Station has one remaining old steam generating unit currently in operation, Unit 2.  Unit 2 is an ocean-cooled steam generator that was originally scheduled to permanently retire from service on December 31, 2020. However, earlier this year California decided to extend the life of the remaining ocean-cooled steam generators in Long Beach, Ormond Beach, Redondo Beach and Huntington Beach to ensure electrical grid reliability. AES Huntington Beach Unit 2 will continue to operate through December 31, 2023. This short-term extension of the life of Unit 2 has put a hold on our demolition plans for all of the old steam generators at AES Huntington Beach.  As our electrical grid has undergone considerable modernization over the past few years - including the shutdown of thousands of mega-watts (MWs) of old steam generators, like AES Huntington Beach Units 1, 3 and 4 - there is a risk that under extreme electrical load conditions, there may not be enough generating capacity to support grid reliability over the next three years while new electrical resources are being built. Due to shared infrastructure between each of the old steam generating units, demolition of all the old units cannot occur until Unit 2 is permanently retired.

We wish you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year. Please feel free to contact our project hotline at (888) 372-5633 or email with any questions. 


Dalia Gomez

Simulation pre-demolition

Simulation post-demolition


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