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For A Cleaner Future

The new Huntington Beach Energy Project will be cleaner and more responsive to California's needs.

The Huntington Beach Energy Project — which is now under construction — will help ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future by replacing our existing plant with a modernized natural gas facility that is more efficient and responsive to California's electricity needs.

We're not only providing Huntington Beach with a sustainable and economically viable future, but also helping California meet its aggressive green energy goals by helping integrate more renewable power. The new plant will also have far superior "curb-appeal" than the existing plant — with a "surf city" theme in keeping with Huntington Beach's unique history.

Enabling Renewable Energy

When the Renewable Energy Supply Falls Short, Natural Gas Bridges the Gap

California, with its abundant natural resources, has a long history of supporting renewable energy, including wind, solar and geothermal. However, power from renewable sources is intermittent — meaning it's not continuously available.

Since electricity supply and demand must always match, California must be prepared to meet energy demand when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow.

A modern, natural gas power plant — like the new Huntington Beach Energy Plant — can better control and adjust output and be started and stopped within minutes, enabling a consistent, dependable supply of electricity to balance renewable energy.

AES has taken the initiative to rebuild and modernize its natural gas power plants — here in Huntington Beach, and also in Long Beach — to help California meet its clean energy goals and provide a reliable supply of electricity.

Environmental Improvements

Transportation is the cause of 90% of Southern California's air pollution. Power plants create just 1% of the particulate emissions in the LA Basin.

The new HBEP will use 70% less water than the old plant, as well as eliminate use of ocean water entirely — saving millions of gallons of water year.


Community Benefits

Modernizing AES Huntington Beach will create 3 million hours of construction-related work and nearly $1 billion in private investment in California's electric infrastructure.  The cleaner, more efficient Huntington Beach Energy Project will also generate more than $8.8 million annually in local expenditures.* And improving the existing natural gas plant means lower costs to consumers.

* excludes local taxes and fees

About Natural Gas

Electricity ... Naturally

We use natural gas in our homes because it's clean and inexpensive, releasing virtually no ash or particulate matter. The same principles make natural gas an ideal fuel for power plants — to enable California's clean energy future.

Photo of wind turbines

Demand for Clean Energy is Rising

The demand for renewable power is on the rise — which, in turn, leads to a demand for reliable, clean, low-cost natural gas power to fill the gaps when the sun sets and the winds slow. The new Huntington Beach Energy Project will help Californians realize its goals for increased renewables — and a cleaner future.